Training Services

Here at Lincs Training we have simple effective training solutions for all.

  • Puppy Training
  • Socialisation
  • Walking your dog on the lead
  • How to get the dog to stop barking
  • How to get the dog to stop jumping
  • How to get the dog to stop pulling on the lead
  • How to bring the dog back to you
  • How to be a good pack leader

Puppy Training

Remember puppies don’t speak English; they reach to our voice tones and body language. Encourage and motivate your puppy by sounds, movement and attitude. Control by corrective sounds, posture and attitude. You will need to become a good actor to become a pack leader on the one hand and your puppy’s best friend on the other.

Be ever patient. Don’t lose your head. If you ever find yourself getting annoyed with your puppy during a training session, stop training walk away and do something different. Later on you may attempt to train again but will approach the matter in a different frame of mind.  Start as you mean to go on. Don’t let your puppy develop bad habits.

Dog Training and Socialisation

It is vitally important to socialise your dog from an early age. By taking this opportunity you reduce the risk of having the responsibility of a fearful dog that may become aggressive or have serious behavioural problems later on in life. The classes I offer are set through a series of bronze, silver and gold levels depending on the progression of your dog and where it may start off. Below you will discover that I allow myself to assess the dog first before I decide whether further training is necessary from me on my behalf.

One to One Personal Home Visits

When I have an enquiry from a worried owner about a troubled dog with behavioural problems my first act of profession is to offer a one to one visit to the dog owner's home so I can come and assess the dog myself, achknowledge what needs to be done and give my feedback on whether or not I feel I can take on the dog to work with my specific training techniques. We then follow on with a schedule of levels to see how the dog can progress on each visit according to what it is being taught. Level 1 is very basic, referring to general hygiene of the dog, recalls, walking the dog and basic manners. This is then followed by level 2 which progresses on to sit and stay, walkign without pulling and walking next to their owner. Finally level 3 allows me to see how much your dog has progressed and learnt from the past visits showing me it can watch me, stay, perform a trick, recalls from a long distance and heel.

Dog Minding

One of the biggest worries any pet owner will have when considering a holiday or a few days away is who can they trust to look after their dog and are they going to be safe and agile enough to be left alone for a certain amount of time. I do offer dog minding service's for my clients as well as anybody else.