"Helen is really good with dogs. You can go to a lesson and all the dogs are laying down without moving for two minutes it is amazing. Helen is excellent, so nice and made us feel welcome. It doesn't matter how your dog behaves, she doesn't get angry she just starts once you are ready. I would recommend them to anyone. She has good ideas and tips to use at home."

- Mrs H


"I couldn't have coped without Helen. I nearly gave up with my very stubborn dog as other dog trainers could do nothing with him. I needed someone to teach me as well as my dog. Helen is a different type of trainer 100% about you and your dog. I feel that Helen is very approachable and answers all my questions. She is a lovely person, I class her as a friend and a very knowledgeable dog trainer."

- Vicky


"Helen is wonderful, we have gone from a truly wild dog (living on marshland) to a Kennel Club Bronze Award achiever! Without her we would have given up a long time ago. We are in our 70s and can't believe the change in our dog. We are amazed that Helen got her to listen. Helen is the best find we ever had."

- Cath


"Experience confirms that Helen V's training sessions have resulted in a lovely, well trained and socialised dog (and owner!!). Very special experience for both me and my beloved companion Ross and with so much fun in the process."

- Pat


"Thank god for Helen, she is training us as well as the older dog who was beyond control."

- W & C


"We had been struggling with our brindle Cairn rescue dog Charlie for about six months. As soon as Helen came to see him he became a different dog, and did what he was told - he now waits at the door to be told to go out, and sits looking at me for treats when he thinks he deserves one.

When out, wearing his check chain, he no longer pulls or tries to go after other dogs. He has accepted the other dogs in the family.Thank you Helen for your helpful instructions - our Charlie has now become a family pet, thanks to you."

- J.E.L


"Just wanted to say how good I found our one to one lessons with Buster and Jastper. I learnt a lot, I would recommend others to start with one to one lessons before puppy classes as there's not so many distractions.

Thanks for being so helpful, caring and patient (with Barry)."

- Betty