I have been interested in dogs and dog training for the last 30 plus years. Now having an opportunity to do with my working life as I will, I decided that I would turn my hobby into a business. In August 2012 I attended an instructor course held by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers in Shropshire attaining 2nd grade in dog training, hence the formation of Lincs Training.

Deciding how to set up dog training was my next challenge! Over the years I had attended many different dog training classes and after my training course realised where there was a gap in the market. I noticed how classes didn’t seem to give owners the time to work with their dog; to the best advantage to both i.e. not giving them or the dog time to take fully on board what is required of them. Nor does it give the instructor the amount of input some difficult dogs need. This led me to one to one training with the occasional sessions to socialise puppies and dogs which I have been working with.

My method of working is that I access the dog; this enables me to get to know the dog and also gives me an indication of how many sessions the dog will need. My assessments are usually one hour to one hour and a half long and I will only take on dogs and owners that I know I can work with and make a difference to.